New serieS is evolution. Thanks to the innovative Eco Smartbaking technology energy consumptions are reduced of the 30%, an energy saving never seen before on a traditional static oven.

Cutting edge materials and innovative coibentation systems have reduced at the minimum energy dispersions towards the external.

The electronic control is easy and intuitive thanks to the colour, user-friendly graphic display. The exclusive Moretti Forni baking process unites 70 year of experience with the most modern and performing technologies, such as the separate managing of top and bottom power with the automatic regulation of the energy needed, according to the quantity of products to be baked.

With the Booster function for pick times and the eco-Stand by for breaks, serieS is the right oven for any kind of needs.

serieS has an unmistakable style: revolutionary design, stainless steel and smooth surfaces for an easy cleanliness and an excellent internal visibility with double lighting.